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NR chip inductor

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1. Definition of NR inductance:
NR inductor is covered with magnetic glue on the outside of the coil, also known as NR magnetic glue inductor. NR magnetic glue inductor has a closed magnetic circuit structure. The enameled wire can not be seen on the outer surface, and the welded port is flush with the top. CD patch inductor is also installed, the welded port is sunken, lower than the magnetic core surface, and the enameled wire is exposed.

2. Dimension table of NR magnetic glue inductance:

NR chip inductor
3,Characteristics of NR magnetic rubber inductor:
Magnetic glue coating structure is adopted, with low beeping sound; Direct metallization plating on ferrite core, strong drop impact resistance and durability; Closed magnetic circuit structure design, less magnetic leakage and strong anti EMI ability; Under the condition of the same size, the rated current is 30% higher than that of the traditional power inductor; Small volume, low side, saving space and power.
Product scope of application: LED lighting; Multifunctional mobile phone; Flat panel TV; Blu ray DVD; Set top box; Notebook computer, desktop computer, server, switch; Portable, personal navigation system, multimedia equipment.
The working temperature range of the product is: - 25 ℃ - + 120 ℃, which can withstand low temperature and high temperature.

4,The commonly used series models include 3012 series, 4020 series, 5040 series, 6045 series, etc. when selecting the type, the corresponding product specification is generally selected according to the inductance.
(1) NR magnetic rubber inductance 3012 series parameters:
(2) NR magnetic rubber inductor 4020 series parameters:
(3) NR magnetic rubber inductor 5040 series parameters:
(4) NR magnetic rubber inductance 6045 series parameters:
The above are only common NR specifications. For more specifications and models, please click the information below to download and select.

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