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I-shaped inductor

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I-shaped inductor

2022年01月19日 already existingHuman browsing
1,Specifications and models of I-type inductors:

2,Product physical drawing:
3,Naming rules for I-type inductors:

For example: LGB0608-102k- Φ 0.5-0.2A, LGB represents the inductance of I-shaped plug-in, 0608 represents that the outer diameter of I-shaped magnetic core is 6mm and the height is 8mm, 102 represents that the inductance is 1000uh, or 1mH, and K represents that the tolerance is 10%, Φ 0.5 represents the wire diameter of 0.5mm, and 0.2A represents the saturation current.

4,Characteristics of I-inductance:

Nickel zinc I-shaped magnetic core is adopted, which has the characteristics of high saturated magnetic flux density, strong current resistance and high Curie temperature. UL or PVC casing design, customized size and special process design are also available.
High current I-shaped inductor has high safety factor, low loss and high energy efficiency. It can adapt to high temperature, high heat and cold climate. It has high Q value and less heating in the process of use and work. It is commonly used for switching power supply, control circuit, lighting electronics, medical electronics and other purposes.

5I-inductance application:
Used in TV and audio, mobile phone charger, communication equipment, buzzer and alarm, power controller, systems requiring broadband and high Q value.



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