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Nickel zinc I-shaped inductor with boss

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1. Definition of Ni Zn I-shaped inductor with boss:
Nickel zinc I-type inductors with boss are also called with bracket. I-type inductors with boss are made of nickel zinc material, which can withstand high current. At the same time, the boss design at the bottom ensures that the plug-in board is more stable, and the boss height is higher than the tin point height. When the plug-in is installed, the boss plane is flush with the PCB plane, the bonding is stable, and it is easy to pass the wave crest welding.
Nickel core with boss I-core
Nickel core with boss I-core
Ni Zn I-shaped inductor with boss is generally named according to the size of I-shaped magnetic core. If the outer diameter of Ni Zn magnetic core is 7.8mm and the height is 9.3mm, the corresponding inductance model is LGB7893.

2. The dimensions of nickel zinc strip boss I-shaped inductor core commonly used by Jiufeng electronics are as follows:
Part1 two pin I-shaped inductance core with boss size:

Part2: magnetic core size of four pin I-shaped inductor with boss:
Boss I-inductance application:
LCD TV, digital TV, set-top box, router, multimedia, projector, printer and other office and household appliances.

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