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Three pin boost inductor

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The three pin boost inductor is a kind of I-shaped inductor. It is installed with plug-in, but it is different from the I-shaped inductor. It has three pins, double winding structure, multi-layer close winding, winding wires are overlapped, and the three pin inductor. Generally, the primary coil is wound with thick wire diameter to make low inductance (the thick coil acts as overcurrent and resistance threshold to prevent heating), The secondary coil is wound with a thin wire diameter to make a large inductance. When the alternating current flows through the three pin inductor, after a series of electromagnetic conversion processes, the boost effect is formed according to the turns ratio of the wound coil. The three pin boost inductor has a common pin. According to the principle of the three pin boost inductor, the four pin I-shaped inductor can be expanded. The four pin I-shaped inductor has double windings, no common pin, no interference between the two windings, and it is not easy to open circuit, It can also be designed as three windings with common feet.
The three pin / four pin I-shaped inductors are wound on the I-shaped magnetic core. The specification of the inductor can be defined according to the size of the I-shaped magnetic core. For example, the outer diameter of the magnetic core is 6mm and the height is 8mm. The specification of the inductor is lgb-0608-3v-601k-152k (lgb-3v represents the three pin I-shaped inductor, 0608 represents the specification of the magnetic core, 601k represents the inductance of 600uh, the tolerance is k 10%, 152k represents the inductance of 1.5mH, and the tolerance is k 10%)
Common specifications of three pin / four pin I-shaped inductors:

Specification and product name           
   Outer diameter of magnetic core          Core height
 LGB0608-3V/-4V                                                             6mm                                              8mm
  LGB0810-3V/-4V                                                            8mm                                             10mm
  LGB0912-3V/-4V                                                            9mm                                            12mm
  LGB1016-3V                                                                    10mm                                          16mm

Customizable specifications:

Specification and product name               Outer diameter of magnetic core          Core height
LGB0808-3V/-4V                                                              8mm                                             8mm
 LGB1008-3V/-4V                                                             10mm                                           8mm
 LGB1010-3V/-4V                                                             10mm                                         10mm
 LGB1012-3V/-4V                                                             10mm                                         12mm
 LGB1016-4V                                                                     10mm                                        16mm

Inductance can be customized according to inductance requirements or turns ratio. Control parameters: copper resistance, inductance size or turns ratio, superimposed current (for low inductance primary winding), foot length, outgoing foot vertical or horizontal as required.
Three pin process: it is usually wound with a smaller wire diameter. When the plug-in or bent foot is horizontal, it is easy to break the wire. More glue dispensing process is added. Glue dispensing is used to fix the tin point and cover the wire head, which can effectively prevent poor wire breakage during the plug-in and molding process. This process is generally applied to a large amount of three pin boost inductor. The inductor is coated with PVC or halogen-free UL heat shrinkable sleeve, It can protect the coil.
Product development:
According to the principle of i-shielded inductor, the three pin i-shielded inductor has been expanded, that is, a magnetic shield is set outside the three pin boost inductor. Shielding the three pin boost inductor can suppress external interference and external interference, with more stable performance and low noise, which is suitable for medium and high-end products with high performance requirements.
Product application:
Three pin boost inductor is widely used in alarm, buzzer, atomizer, humidifier and other control circuits that need boost.
More specifications in product development Welcome to customize the drawings, which can be designed on demand.