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I-shaped inductor

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Axial horizontal inductance

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1. Definition of axial horizontal inductance:

The horizontal I-shaped inductor has symmetrical axial legs, and the structure shape is similar to the color code inductor. Generally, it is externally threaded with heat shrinkable sleeve. The axial horizontal I-shaped inductor is used for filtering and noise processing, and is widely used in motors.
Horizontal I-type inductors generally use single strand enamelled wire, which is wound manually. The pin pin foot is long, which is convenient for bending feet to connect to the motor rotor.
 horizontal I-shaped inductor
2.Naming rules:

LGC0410-5R8M- φ 0.3-UL
LGC stands for horizontal axis inductance
0410 represents the specification of the product
04 means the outer diameter of the magnetic core is 4mm
10 represents that the length of the magnetic core is 10mm
φ 0.3 represents that the wire diameter of winding is 0.3mm
UL stands for UL heat shrinkable sleeve, similarly, PVC stands for PVC sleeve.

3.Common specifications and models:

LGC0312     LGC0408    LGC0410    LGC0412   LGC0510   LGC0512   LGC0513 
LGC0613   LGC0810 LGC0812  LGC1012   LGC1016  LGC10.5*20.5  LGC1216  

Composition structure:

Main material: drww4 * 10 horizontal I-shaped magnetic core with pin pin, wire: φ 0.3 enamelled wire (2uew-f), φ 4pvc or UL sleeve.

Bushing axial inductance