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Threading magnetic bead

2021年10月03日 already existingHuman browsing
EMI anti-interference series ferrite RH magnetic beads (ferrite beads) are the fastest used anti-interference components at present. They are cheap, easy to use and have remarkable effect of filtering high-frequency noise. Ferrite magnetic beads are commonly used for filtering and electromagnetic noise suppression. They are made of iron, nickel and zinc oxides. They have high resistivity and high magnetic conductivity. Ferrite beads are connected in series on the signal or power path to suppress differential mode noise.

EMI anti-interference series ferrite beads series ferrite beads have better high-frequency filtering characteristics than ordinary inductors. Ferrite presents resistance characteristics at high frequency, which is equivalent to an inductor with low quality factor. Therefore, it can maintain high impedance in a wide frequency range, so as to improve the high-frequency filtering efficiency.
Threading magnetic beads are improved on the basis of magnetic beads. Threading magnetic beads can be directly inserted manually or automatically by AI, eliminating the trouble of threading again.

The above are braided magnetic beads, threading magnetic beads and 6-hole magnetic beads. For more specifications, please refer to the specification table of threading magnetic beads.