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What is the reason for the heating of magnetic ring inductan

2021年10月12日 already existingHuman browsing
Heating characteristics of magnetic loop inductance coil:
The function of the magnetic loop inductance coil is to store energy, suppress electromagnetic interference and connect DC resistance to ac. when the current flowing through the inductance coil is large, the coil will heat, and in serious cases, it will be hot. The inductance of the inductance will decay, and the surface temperature of the inductance body will rise. When the temperature rise current exceeds 40 ℃, the inductance will lose its inductance characteristics. In severe cases, the whole PCB will be burned.

Causes of heating of magnetic ring inductance coil:
There are three reasons for the heating of magnetic ring inductance coil:
1. High resistance, small wire diameter or too many coils lead to high copper resistance.
2. Magnetic ring material. The magnetic ring is a magnetic material with magnetic saturation ability. The higher the permeability, the worse the magnetic saturation ability, and the smaller the saturation current, the easier it is to heat.
3. The size of the magnetic ring. The larger the size of the magnetic ring, the coil with large wire diameter and less coils can be used. It has strong current resistance and is not easy to heat.