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Skillfully making common mode magnetic ring inductor -- wind

2021年10月12日 already existingHuman browsing
The common mode magnetic loop inductor is a common mode inductor with side winding, the same number of turns on both sides, the same in and out, and less turns,
Common mode magnetic ring inductors are wound side by side, with the same number of turns on both sides, in and out at the same time, and the common mode inductors with small number of turns can be completed in one layer. This simple method is not introduced here. The following describes the winding method of common mode magnetic ring inductors with large number of turns and partition plates in the middle.
Common mode magnetic loop inductance
The above is 251510 common mode magnetic ring inductance. 38 turns of 1.0 enamelled wire are wound side by side, and 38 turns need to be arranged in two layers. The arrangement of wires is relatively full. After winding on both sides, there is almost no gap between the coils on both sides, and the partition cannot be put in at all. So how to solve the problem that the partition cannot be put in?
Method 1: binding rolling strip
Bind the rolling belt on the magnetic ring. The specific process is to bind a rolling belt at the symmetrical semicircle of the magnetic ring. The width of the rolling belt is slightly larger than the thickness of the diaphragm. When winding, the wire cannot be pressed on the rolling belt. After winding, cut off the rolling belt, and a gap slightly wider than the diaphragm will be left between the two windings, so that the diaphragm can be easily inserted.