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Basic uses of inductors

2021年10月12日 already existingHuman browsing
Inductors are various coils wound with insulated wires, which are called inductors. Its main function is to block AC current and DC current, high frequency and low frequency, that is, when the high frequency signal passes through the inductance coil, it encounters large resistance and is difficult to pass, while when the low frequency signal passes through, the resistance is relatively small, that is, the low frequency signal passes through, which makes the inductor have filtering characteristics. The resistance of the induction coil to DC is almost zero and the resistance to AC is very large, That is, only DC is allowed to pass.
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Strictly speaking, sensors do not consume electricity. Capacitor reactances are energy storage elements. In AC positive Xuan wave circuit, half of the time works in the process of energy storage and half of the time works in the process of energy release, without energy consumption. After the inductor is connected to DC, the inductor is charged. When it is full, the two-stage charge of the inductor will never disappear in theory unless you discharge. After the AC is connected, the charge and discharge with different inductance does not consume the electric energy of the power grid. However, since the inductors in AC circuits are often charged and discharged, it is theoretically considered that electric energy can not be used in AC circuits, so useless power is consumed.
The induced anti blocking alternating current generated by induction will only reduce and will not consume energy. Specifically, the change of induced blocking current is purely the change of impermissible current. With the increase of current, the induced blocking current increases, while with the decrease of current, the induced blocking current decreases. When the inductance hinders the cha
nge of current, it will not consume electric energy. When the current increases, it will temporarily store electric energy in the form of magnetic field. When the current decreases, it will also release the energy of magnetic field. Therefore, it will hinder the change of current.
Basic uses of inductors:
The function of inductor is mainly to filter, oscillate, delay and notch in the circuit through DC and AC resistance. The induction coil has a blocking effect on AC current. The size of the blocking effect is called inductive reactance XL, and the unit is Ohm. The relationship is XL = 2 π fl. the sensor is mainly divided into high-frequency choke coil and low-frequency choke coil. Tuning and frequency selection function: the induction coil is connected in parallel with the capacitor to form an LC tuning circuit. That is, if the natural vibration frequency f0 of the circuit is equal to the frequency f of the non AC signal, the induction and tolerance of the circuit should also be equal, so the electromagnetic energy vibrates back and forth between the inductance and capacitance, which is the resonance phenomenon of the liquid crystal circuit. In the process of resonance, the inductive resistance of the circuit is opposite to the equivalent capacitance reactance. The inductive resistance of the total current of the circuit is the smallest and the current is the largest (0 "AC signal). The LC resonant circuit has the function of selecting the frequency and can select the AC signal of a certain frequency f.
The inductor also has the functions of filtering signal, filtering noise, stabilizing current, suppressing electromagnetic interference, etc. in electronic equipment, some magnetic rings can often be seen. The magnetic ring forms an inductor with the connecting cable (the wire in the cable is wound around the magnetic ring for several turns) The anti-interference element is widely used in electronic circuits with good shielding effect. Therefore, it is called absorption magnetic ring. The commonly used ferrite material is also called ferrite magnetic ring (magnetic ring). The magnetic ring has different impedance at different frequencies. The impedance is small at low frequencies and increases sharply when the signal frequency rises.