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    What is a common mode inductor and what is its function?

    Common mode inductor, also known as common mode inductor, is a coil that bypasses the closed magnetic ring in the symmetrical direction with the same number of turns. The ideal common mode choke can re...

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    Characteristics and functions of radial I-shaped inductor ch

    Radial choke (LGB), also known as i-plug inductance, has the characteristics of open circuit magnetic circuit design, high rated current, small inductance attenuation and good anti-aging. Jiufeng LGB s...

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    Jiufeng 1012 shielded inductor 1mH specification

    Pkf1012-102m shielding inductance, naming rules: PKF represents shielding plug-in inductance, 1012 represents the outer diameter of the magnetic cover is 12mm, the height is 12mm, 102 represents the in...

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    Basic uses of inductors

    Inductors are various coils wound with insulated wires, which are called inductors. Its main function is to block AC current and DC current, high frequency and low frequency, that is, when the high fre...

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