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 Jiufeng electronics is a manufacturer focusing on the special inductors for switching power supply. Its products include magnetic ring common mode inductors, ring differential mode inductors, I-shaped plug-in inductors, shielding plug-in inductors, magnetic rod choke and choke inductors, filters, transformers, chip inductors, nickel core magnetic cores, anti-interference EMI magnetic rings, plug-in magnetic beads and other products. R & D and testing equipment are complete, with multiple automatic production lines to support mass production or customized production.
automation  Production workshop
Research and development centre
Jiufeng electronics has been deeply engaged in nickel core magnetic materials and inductor products for many years, and has developed into a comprehensive magnetic core and inductor enterprise with independent product development.
Our business philosophy is: quality for production, reputation for development, provide good services to customers, reduce production costs and create cost-effective products and services.