• Jiufeng Electronics is located in Gaoping Industrial Zone, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan City, with factories in Hubei and Guangdong. It is an inductance manufacturer, specializing in magnetic ring common mode inductors, ring differential mode inductors, I-shaped plug-in inductors, shielding plug-in inductors, magnetic rod choke resistance inductors, filters, transformers, chip inductors, nickel core magnetic cores, anti-interference EMI magnetic rings, plug-in magnetic beads, audio coils, and other series of products. The R&D testing equipment is complete, with multiple automated production lines, supporting mass production and also customizable production.
  • The customer product categories we serve include mobile phone chargers, switching power supplies, constant voltage power supplies, alarms, humidifiers, car chargers, in vehicles, electronic instruments, audio systems, radios, control panels, photovoltaics, new energy, air conditioning, and other household appliances. ……
  • Our business philosophy is: to strive for production based on quality, to strive for development based on reputation, to provide customers with good service while reducing production costs, and to create cost-effective products and services.


Before the reform and opening up, China's foreign trade was subject to mandatory plan management and the state was responsible for profits and losses. Since the reform and opening up, China's foreign trade system has experienced the transformation from mandatory plan management to giving full play to the basic role of market mechanism, from high monopoly of management right to full liberalization, and from enterprises eating national "big pot" to independent operation and self responsibility for profits and losses. At the begi...

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